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Weight was always an issue. Eating was an escape. I went through different phases while growing up. Lots yo-yo diets. I wished every day for a “skinny” body. I wanted the "fat" comments to STOP. I wanted my clothes to fit right.  I spent so much time looking in the mirror and liked what I saw. I didn't like pictures of myself because it was confirmation what everyone was hearing.  I didn't like me very much.

I was up to 270lbs. Despite how bad I felt, I wouldn't do anything about it. Within the next several years I went from diet pills to quick fix fad diets. I would exercise, but inconsistently. But I would continue to go back to eating the same way. Never sticking to an eating plan or healthy choices. I was definitely not winning. I would keep saying one day, one day I will make a change. I was wishing it would just happen. I didn't want to have to put in any of the work. 


Then I saw a video of myself dancing in the kitchen after my daughter's 16th birthday and it hit me hard. I swore the shirt I was wearing was big on me, but it wasn't. It was actually very fitting. I had completely ignored the signs. Breathing heavily to put on my shoes. Tiring out quickly walking from one room to another. My pants kept getting tighter and driving became very uncomfortable. My wardrobe consisted of t-shirts and jeans because it was easy to hide under. 


I wanted change. Not a DIET. I wanted it to be a lifestyle change. If I was going to improve my health and lose weight for good, it had to be a lifestyle change. So from that moment, I made the decision. I started learning how to watch my portions and make healthy food choices.  I started walking. I walked every other day.  Eventually the running started. 


I soon joined Advocare because I really liked how the SPARK gave me the focus and energy to go about my day. It gave an extra boost to my workouts.  I began incorporating several of the Advocare supplements in my daily regimen.  I trust Advocare to recommend Advocare to my clients. 

So here I am, 10 years later, I've lost over a 100lbs and have kept it off.  However, something changed over the last year.  I was consistently researching nutrition because I was feeling like I was fighting with food. Eat this, not that. Watch those portions. It was confusing considering that I know nutrition. I learned nutrition. But this is where they say, "our bodies are not the same. We are different." I was figuring out that there were foods that would trigger an uncontrollable urge to eat and eat. And lead to bloating and uncomfortable feeling.  During my Ironman training, I ran into a lot of athletes in my readings, especially professional athletes, that focused on a plant based diet. They noticed an improvement in their performance and overall health.  So after reading study after study and article after article, I decided to adopt a whole foods plant-based diet while training for my Ironman.

That awful "board" that sits in the middle area and stopped me from bending over was miraculously gone. I wasn't bloated. While I still had my "rolls,"  they weren't hindering, if that makes any sense. I know some of you will get it. I didn't feel like was fighting with food anymore. I eat when I'm hungry.  I focus on whole foods as close as possible to their natural state and eat til I'm satisfied. 

I have accomplished many personal goals including a few marathons, 200 mile relay race, a couple ultra marathons and a Half Ironman. I've noticed that I can workout a lot harder and I'm stronger than I've ever felt. My recovery time is short from one intense workout to the other. I feel good. Better than I have ever felt.  


I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist and a Weight Loss Specialist. I enjoy training individuals of all ages that are looking for the support and accountability I offer knowing that on their own they wouldn't push or challenge themselves. 


I know I have to work on my health everyday. It's a daily journey. I am a work in progress. My desire is to hopefully inspire others.  I know that there will be an occasional slip up,  it happens, life gets in the way sometimes, but...


...I am making a promise to myself to continue to take care of my body, my health and to hopefully inspire others do the same.  It's all about Making The Choice every day. 

Eat right, Be active.  Take care of the vehicle you call your body. It will take you far. It will take you where you want to go. Treat it well. 


Veronica Salazar

NASM Certified Personal Trainer


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