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The Struggle Is Real

As the holidays are approaching, I started thinking that this is a really difficult time for those that are on their health journey. Especially if they are just starting out. There's so much food around. The parties. The booze. And as a girl, a woman who just wants to feel comfortable looking at herself in the mirror, it can be a HUGE struggle. A war within. The feeling of wanting doesn't go away. You just learn over time how to work through it. How to discipline and structure your day so that the cravings are down to a minimum. But around the holidays it can be very hard. Even for those that are "fit."

As a personal trainer, a fitness nutrition specialist, I'm still just a person. A person who might seem on the outside that the cravings don't happen. But they do. I love a good dessert or a good beer. Tater tots are my favorite carb! With lots of ketchup and salt. And, boy, around the holidays, the temptations are stronger than ever. Watching everyone have a festive drink, attend parties where there's food galore and sweets up the ying yang. Chocolate is one of my weakness. So what do I do when the temptation hits? I talk to myself. As crazy as that might sound, I do.

Giving yourself a pep talk is sometimes the best thing. It can help distract you from the food or drink you're focusing on. If you have the option to step away for a bit, maybe get out of the house, do it. If you can find 5 things that you can do when a temptation hits, it can help you. For example, if you feel yourself tempted to eat that cookie or chocolate cake, go to another room. Or maybe do some cleaning around the house. If you're at a party and you find yourself staring at the buffet table even after you've already allowed yourself a plate, turn around, find a friend that's not close to the table and engage in a coversation. Just get yourself away from the temptation. Begin to engage in some other activity. The focus tends to fade and so will the craving.

I know of some of your are probably reading this thinking, "yeah ok, Veronica, sure." I know it's easier said then done. I'm there with you. I, too, have to find things to do to get myself away from the extra food during this time of the year. It's hard. I'm not going to lie. I even have Advocare supplements that I take that help with cravings. But one of things you can include in your pep talk to yourself is WHY you started this journey to begin with. Remember how it felt to put on those jeans. You felt awful because you feel like a "busted can of biscuits." Or the tears that you might cry because you just don't like what you see in the mirror. You're embarrased. I know. I was there too. I still feel that at times even after I've lost all this weight, I'm a work in progress. The belly area is hard for me. But I'm getting there. I know you can too.

And yes, sometimes I slip up and I give in to the temptation. The guilt is awful. But I acknowledge and learn from it. We will make mistakes every now and then. The most important thing to remember is to get back up. Don't give up because you messed up today or that you gave in at the party and had one too many trips to the buffect table or had one too many beverages. Forgive yourself and get back on.

It doesn't matter if it's the "fit" girl or the "skinny" girl or "big" girl, the struggle is real and it happens to all of us. Men too. You'd be surprised how many men out there battle with this as well. They just don't express their feelings as openly as we do.

I hope this helps. Don't forget to make your list of 5 things you can do when the temptation hits. Keep it handy. Keep it visible. And always remember, you are not alone.

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