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Day 2 - 2016 Advocare Jump All-In

Day 2 and I feel pretty good. Had a meal shake for breakfast. I tend to always have a monthly visitor when I do a challenge. However, I'm not feeling really bloated this time. Except a few days ago I felt major bloat. That's the beauty of our bodies. Certain things cause our bodies to react different ways. We need to learn to love ourselves. It's usually our relationship with food that we need to evaluate.

I didn't get a workout in, but I definitely will tomorrow. Bootcamp class in the morning. Talked to a Challenger yesterday and she's doing great! Really motivated and is ALL-IN. I get so excited to hear that in people's voices.

So we eat meal shakes for breakfast. We drink Spark for energy. We take a bunch of pills. What do we eat for other meals? Well check out this picture of my dinner. You can barely see the turkery burger that's under all that yumminess. But NO, the burger was not little. I cut the burger in half and made 2 lettuce tacos. Sitting on romaine lettuce with chunks of avocado, tomato, bell peppers, mushrooms and salsa. They were so good!

So do we DIET during the Challenge? NO WAY!! It's all about learning what to eat, how much to eat, filling in the gaps with high quality supplements and exercise. The 24 Day Challenge is a perfect way to start learning new healthy habits to replace the bad habits. Stop dieting!! Stop depriving yourself. It's all about eating the right foods.

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