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Day 14 - Jump All-In Challenge

Sorry guys, I haven't written in several days. It's been a challenge definitely in trying to stay in balance with all 4 businesses. It's taken a small toll on my body. I got a chest cold and just now over it. It was so strange. I could feel that I was sick but I gave my body lots of nutrition in the form of food and supplements and it helped me keep the virus at bay. It always amazes me how much our good health is affected by what we eat.

So we are now in the Max Phase of our Challenge. This is when we are absorbing all the nutrients via food and supplements. It's the fat burning stage. It's my favorite part of the Challenge. No wait, the Cleanse is my fav too, it's just that the energy you get on the first day (Day 11) of taking the vitamins is AMAZING!!

Yesterday I was able to go for a run. I had not gone on a run in a couple weeks. It's a busy time in the bookkeeping and payroll world and so having that time during daylight hours to go run is hard. I'm more of outdoors instead of indoors and it is very refreshing to take a run outside. When I go for a run, it's like a meditation time for me. I get my best thoughts during a run. I get my best ideas and I'm able to work out and solve issues that I have. Or maybe not even issues, get ideas on how to make things easier, simpler. Create processes. It's so unbelievable how I feel after a run.

One thing I was thinking about was desire. Sometimes the desire to be mindful of what we eat or to do a workout can be very small to non existant. Those are the moments when you have to know that you are capable of pushing through it. That you are stronger than you think. It is worth it and the overall benefits, your health will thank you later. I know that there are some people out there that think that I don't have my moments of weakness. That I don't have my moments of where I just don't want to workout or I want to eat a F%*&^@# cheeseburger with tater tots (my go to cheat). Yes, I have those days. And that's when I try to remind myself of the days that I'm positive and how I feel after an intense workout or a long run. Its wonderful! I feel wonderful. So I remind myself of that. I push hard. And I go for it. NOW, wait! Yes, there have been slip ups over the years. But not as many if I had given up. I choose to not give in all the time. I know that I'm stronger than that. But it does happens. I would be lying if I said that I haven't given in to the bad feelings or the "I don't want to."

All I know is that we are all stronger than we think. And just when we think that we don't have that last little bit of energy, we really do. When you think you are not strong enough to choose healthy when it comes to your food, I believe you are strong. I believe you can do it. I think we are given obstacles to conquer because a higher power(whatever higher power you believe in) knows that you are capable. We are meant to be Champions. Champions of our own life. It didn't throw that obstacle your way because it knew you were a failiure. Nope, it was put in front of you to challenge you, because you are stronger than you've given yourself credit for.

So when it comes to food. To this Challenge. Can it be hard? Will there be a day during the 24 days that you don't want to make a healthy swap or go for a workout? Yes, but that's when you listen to the small voice, the champion inside you telling you that you can do this. You are strong. Let's finish this Challenge strong!! And keep going! We have goals to accomplish. And remember if you are not accomplishing your goals, someone else is no being able to accomplish their goals.

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