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Here are just a few of what my clients are saying:

Tausha Garner, Kennewick, WA

Juline Tuck, Burbank, WA

Thank you Veronica! You are so amazing and inspiring and I am so happy that my journey started with you. I don’t think I would have continued to work out if it wasn’t for your workouts and how you encourage and teach.

Veronica, is amazing! She has helped me reach my goals and given more confidence.

Morgan Bowe, Pasco, WA

When I started with Veronica I was just looking for some one to show me what to do and hold me accountable. I've had three babies and was feeling defeated. I started in May and have lost 3% body fat and am down almost three pant sizes! She's a great trainer and a great friend! I highly recommend her to all everyone.

Claudia Munoz, Harlingen, TX

I never would have started on this fitness journey had it not been for your wonderful posts and your own journey for better health...


Veronica Salazar you were a personal trainer before you even realized it. smile emoticon Thank you for getting me out of my home gym routine and opening my eyes to the wonderful world of outdoor fitness. Thank you for introducing me to Advocare which has given me the energy to do more than just "get through" my workout, but to try to take things to the next level.

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